Producing TED Conversations

TED’s social team has been experimenting with live conversations on the TED Instagram account, for the past year and recently I reached out to them with a proposal to do an Audacious series of these focused on urgent global issues.  We launched late last year and have to say it’s been such a fun collaboration!

The idea is to bring together a change-maker/ activist and an influencer with a passion for a particular social issue to discuss innovative ideas and strategies to address it. Our first one was a climate conversation featuring James Bond star Pierce Brosnan and Audacious Project leader Dr. Heidi Sosik of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Recently we hosted Top Chef host and activist Padma Lakshmi in conversation with World Central Kitchen founder Chef José Andrés.

Love how engaged global influencers like Padma have been in this project and how they are using it as a platform to talk about issues they are passionate about.

I’m excited to see the series grow and super proud to be leading a project that has seen so many people engaging with important global issues in an accessible and entertaining way.

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