NY Times’ LEV Blog: East Village Nights

Our final project for this semester was a night life series for the New York Times’ Local East Village blog and I chose to do my piece on the DJs of I Love Vinyl (one of my fave parties to attend in NYC!)

One of the guys Jon Oliver also hosts a late night show on East Village Radio. The footage in the piece above was captured between midnight and 2am, a perfect fit for the “EV Nights” theme of the series!

Also as good fortune would have it the same week I was set to shoot he was going to have the South African/Canadian musician Zaki Ibrahim in the studio, too!

I also chatted with 3 out of the 6 I Love Vinyl collective about the record store culture in the east village in the piece below featuring DJs Scribe, Amir and Twilite Tone (who happens to be Chaka Khan’s nephew and rapper Common’s DJ)

I love shooting at night and… I love shooting solo. The two things I discovered on this project! It’s a huge challenge of course having to handle all the editing, sound, lighting and interviewing on your own (and I have several mishaps and technical dramas to show for it)  but it’s also great to have absolute autonomy as to how a piece turns out.

And I’m pretty proud of the end outcomes on these…

You can check out the posts on the New York Times’ blog here and here

Partying with Nick Zinner for NY Times East Village!

Anyone who knows me knows that if anyone can work a party (for journalistic reasons, of course) it’s me!

However given the very seriaaaas journalism that goes on at NYU i haven’t had the opportunity to flex my party stalker muscles recently.  That was until i got the call to cover the 10th anniversary of  Lower East Side cool kid night spot LIT/Fuse Gallery. Of course i jumped at the opportunity i mean this is where Kate Moss has been spotted and Lindsay Lohan goes to get..er, LIT!

So me and my video camera crawled into a coffin shaped storeroom, rubbed shoulders with the VVIPs, shimmied on the dance floor and even cornered Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in a very dark green room to bring you and the readers of the NY Times this report…check out the video below and the full story on the Local East Village blog 

My first NYTimes by-line! (kind of…)

So our final video pieces for our semester 1 writing and reporting class had to be about couples in the east village… of course my partner Laura and I found the cutest most adorable couple ever!

Despite some technical glitches and blind rookie mistakes plus this being the first ever piece of video where I got to play cameraman and editor  – it turned out super cute!

Fast forward to pre valentines day and lo and behold the NYtimes local east village blog decided to pick up on our class’ videos for a series in the run up to V-day – and today they posted ours…#whoop!

Add to that Veronica sending us a sweet email saying:

“This looks great!! You guys did an excellent job. Such a nice way to end a long week.”

This just made me smile…

check out the video and article here

Studio20: Nope, we didn’t find a republican in the East Village

This week was the beginning of our semester 2 reporting classes with a focus on video with documentary producer Jason Maloney. Our first assignment was doing man in the street interviews.

We had to break up into teams and gather views from republicans on the elections: the catch is that they had to be in the East Village, we could only use auto settings on our camera’s (ie NO MICS!!!) AND we only had 3 hours to find subjects, shoot the video, edit it then, upload to the The New York Times Local East Village blog! *aside: NYU’s journalism department runs the LEV blog for The New York Times

It turned out be like the Amazing Race: Reporters Edition complete with a run in with some crazies in Tompkins Square Park #FunTimes!

As one of New York City’s most liberal neighbourhoods the East Village was not the place to find republicans and this became an almost impossible task given that we only had a few hours to scour the streets.

Needless to say we didn’t find our republican but we didn’t come up empty handed – seems even liberal voters have views on republicans and these proved to be ‘er interesting 🙂

this was the end product

Politics 4 from The Local East Village on Vimeo.