Studio20: Nope, we didn’t find a republican in the East Village

This week was the beginning of our semester 2 reporting classes with a focus on video with documentary producer Jason Maloney. Our first assignment was doing man in the street interviews.

We had to break up into teams and gather views from republicans on the elections: the catch is that they had to be in the East Village, we could only use auto settings on our camera’s (ie NO MICS!!!) AND we only had 3 hours to find subjects, shoot the video, edit it then, upload to the The New York Times Local East Village blog! *aside: NYU’s journalism department runs the LEV blog for The New York Times

It turned out be like the Amazing Race: Reporters Edition complete with a run in with some crazies in Tompkins Square Park #FunTimes!

As one of New York City’s most liberal neighbourhoods the East Village was not the place to find republicans and this became an almost impossible task given that we only had a few hours to scour the streets.

Needless to say we didn’t find our republican but we didn’t come up empty handed – seems even liberal voters have views on republicans and these proved to be ‘er interesting 🙂

this was the end product

Politics 4 from The Local East Village on Vimeo.

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